Master only 6 of these, and you will be invincible to 71.5% of the most successful submissions in UFC and MMA history...

“How to become invincible to chokes in record time.”

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Here’s why the Hidden Jiu-Jitsu Ultimate Chokes Escapes Course is the fastest way you can become invincible to submissions. 

Dear Friend,

If you would like to become invincible to submissions, then you should start by focusing on chokes.
Here’s why: No matter what context of fight you’re talking about, whether MMA, grappling tournaments, self-defense, or even the most commonly taught military combatives…
Chokes are not only the most dangerous and life-threatening attacks you will ever face in a fight…
They are also the most likely threat you will ever face in a fight.
By far.
Here are 3 examples of what I mean: 

#1: After analyzing over 5,000 fights and 25 years of fight data, found the numbers are very clear.

Far and away, the most successful submissions in Mixed Martial Arts are as follows:
#1:  Rear Naked Choke (392 finishes)

#2: Guillotine Choke (188 finishes)
#3: Arm Bar (155 finishes)
#4: Triangle Choke (68 finishes)
#5: Arm Triangle, also known as the Head and Arm Choke (63 finishes)
The Kimura armlock is next in line, and with it the numbers begin to drop off steeply for successful finishes in Mixed Martial Arts, with only 35 kimuras counted in over 5,000 fights!
But for those who are curious, the D'arce choke and anaconda choke are next in line after the Kimura (both of which are covered in the Ultimate Chokes Escapes course). 
In any case, the data is very clear. 
Chokes, especially the Rear Naked Choke and the Guillotine, are the most successful submissions in Mixed Martial Arts. 
Which, even with rules, is as close as martial artists have right now to a fight science lab where we can test what's effective. 
Here are two graphs from the same website that put it very plainly: 
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As you can see, it’s not even close.

Chokes are by FAR more dangerous, and more common, than any other submission in fighting.
And because of that, if you have developed the skill of defending and escaping chokes, you gain unmatched invincibility in a fight, immediately.
And in the Ultimate Chokes Escapes Course, I apply all of my 24 years of training and teaching Jiu-Jitsu, as taught to me by the legendary Rickson Gracie, who knows a thing or two about being invincible to submissions…
And I walk you through every last hidden detail you will ever need to become invincible to every choke you are every likely to encounter, no matter how skilled your opponent might be.
And we will do it all in record time.

#2: Even in pure Jiu-Jitsu competition, chokes reign supreme!

There are a variety of BJJ statistics being gathered online, but here is a sample of patterns that have held up pretty well over the years, from the 2017 Mundial analysis reported at, for black belt competition: 
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Chokes from the back and the armbar are consistently the top two most effective submissions at the black belt level, as recorded by
And if you look at the total number of submissions, with assigned point values, of the 52 submissions recorded, 29 of them, or 55.8%, are assigned to specific chokes. 
So that even at the highest levels of skill... it is chokes that reign supreme for submission. 

#3: Even in the military, chokes are emphasized above all other types of submissions.

If you look through military field training manuals, such as Marine Corps Reference Publication (MCRP) 3-02B, Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP), or the Army's Field Manual FM 3-25.150 (FM 21-150) for Combatives, you will notice that chokes are emphasized above submissions like armlocks and leg locks. 
The Army Combatives Field Manual, which is largely inspired by Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, explains why as follows: 
"4-3. a. Chokes. The most efficient way to incapacitate an enemy is to choke him into unconsciousness. An advantage of prioritizing chokes in training is that they can be applied in training exactly as applied in combat."
Here's a screenshot from the Army Combatives field manual: 
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And in the Marine Corps MCMAP reference publication, all the way through black belt, there are only a handful of submissions used at all. 
You'll find wrist locks from the feet, armlocks from the feet and the ground. 
But mostly, you'll find chokes. 
Specifically the rear naked choke, head and arm choke, triangle choke, the front choke, and the guillotine choke. 
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And because chokes are the most common and the most dangerous threats, by focusing on mastering the escapes and defenses for chokes, you will improve your skill in Jiu-Jitsu, and in fighting, against even the most skilled opponents, in record time!


Not only that, but there are also 3 reasons this course specifically will get you there faster than any other course available!

3 Reasons Mastering The Ultimate Chokes Escapes Course Will Be The Fastest Improvement You Will EVER See In Your Fighting Skill

  • Cross Collar Choke Defense Using the Push Pull Choke
  • Attacking with the Push Pull Choke and Defending when Someone's using it from Inside the Guard
  • Push Pull Choke Defense when Inside the Guard  
  • Ezekiel Defense from Guard
  • The Nutcracker Choke Defense
  • Cross Collar from Mount Defense
  • Head and Arm Choke from Cross Side Defense 1
  • Head and Arm Choke from Cross Side Defense 2
  • Head and Arm Choke from Cross Side Defense 2 - Outtake
  • Head and Arm Choke from Cross Side Defense 3
  • The Head and Arm Choke from Mount Defense
  • Triangle Preliminary Defense
  • Triangle Last Ditch Defense
  • Clock Choke Defense
  • Rear Naked Choke Preliminary Defense
  • Rear Naked Choke - Moving the Head to the Correct Side
  • Belly Down Rear Naked Choke Escape
  • D'Arce Choke Defense
  • D'Arce Choke Defense in Reversal
  • D'Arce Choke Defense when Opponent Attacks from Underneath
  • D'Arce Choke From the Bottom - Outtake
  • Anaconda Choke Defense and Counter Attack with Americana Shoulder Lock
  • Guillotine Defense from the Knees
  • Guillotine From the Knees - Blocking the Knee from Coming Up
  • Guillotine Defense from Inside the Closed Guard
  • Guillotine with Shin Through the Middle Defense
  • Head and Arm Guillotine Defense
  • Chin Strap Choke Defense
  • The Papercutter Choke Defense
  • Bow and Arrow Choke Defense
  • Bow and Arrow Choke from Side Mount Defense
  • Bulldog Choke Defense
  • Standing Guillotine Defense
  • Standing Guillotine with Elbow Over the Shoulder Defense
  • Outtro

1. Defenses and escapes are much easier to develop high level skill with than attacks.

The reason why is simple.
Attacks are more complex than escapes or submissions.
The reason why is easy to understand, when you analyze how attacks work.
Because to successfully attack and finish a submission, you need to not only set it up properly, but you also need to execute a series of movements - like links in a chain - to finish the job.
But if you want to finish the job, you have to make sure none of those links in the chains breaks - because if any of your movements fail - your submission is toast.
Game over.
Try again, from the beginning.
Or move onto something else.
Well, the same is true for your opponents.
And so if you can learn to deny any of their movements - if you can break any link in the chain of their attack - their attack is defeated.
And you are - practically speaking - invincible.
In this course, I will show you every hidden detail you’ll need, to break any link, in any chain, in any choke.
And do so as you please.
You will be amazed at how your confidence soars, how much more relaxed, calm and centered you are as a fighter, when you know that your opponents simply can’t finish you - no matter how bad things look from the outside.
2. Every learning expert agrees - to master something quickly, you must break it down into the tiniest pieces - and master each piece.
From Tim Ferris to Scott Young to Josh Kaufman to Jim Kwik - all the learning experts agree.
If you want to absolutely master something quickly - you must break it down into the most tiny subskills, and master each of those.
With that in mind, each video in this course is structured so that you have one piece of the puzzle you can master, before moving onto something else.
That way, by the time you put it all together, you will be a complete master of each piece of each skill.
If you drill and practice each video just like I demonstrate - starting out slowly so you can build the proper muscle memory, and then increasing the speed and resistance from your training partners gradually - you will build phenomenal skill - true invincibility, in record time.
3. Every technique I teach and practice is simple.
By keeping things simple, they are not only easy to teach and practice, but easy to remember.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this story from students:
They go to a seminar excited to learn from some of the best combat athletes in the country or even in the world.
But then, after they’ve bought their expensive ticket, and taken time off work to drive to the seminar, booked a hotel, and gone to all the trouble of making it out - they are completely overwhelmed with technique overload.
There’s simply too much information, presented too quickly, to remember or build skill with any of it.
So they go home having had an exciting weekend, but with nothing practical to show for it.
Not so with Hidden Jiu-Jitsu.
I keep my seminars, and my video products, simple on purpose, so we can avoid this annoying and disappointing - but all too common - phenomenon.
The other nice thing about keeping things simple is you can build high-level skill very fast.
BONUS: If you combine the knowledge in this course with the Ultimate Armlocks Escape Course, as well as the Open Guard Defense course (which covers how to shut down every type of leg attack at every link in the chain), then you will have everything you need to be completely invincible to 99.9999999% of all submissions in fighting!
Here’s exactly what’s covered in the Ultimate Chokes Escapes course:

Technique list and screenshots for Ultimate Chokes Escapes!

And if you'd like to be invincible to chokes, then I've paved the way for you to test the waters so that you risk nothing

In case you’re not quite convinced, let me remind you I offer the strongest guarantee in the Jiu-Jitsu instructional business.

It’s a conditional, double-your-money-back guarantee.
Here it is: take as long as you like to train this material.
If, at any time, you can prove to me (with a quick video) that you trained the material just like I showed, and there’s nothing I can see to coach you on to fix any mistakes…
And you’re not convinced each technique works exactly as advertised…
Then send me the proof you’re training just like I showed and how it doesn’t work, and I will immediately send you double your money back.
First, I will refund the purchase price of the course.
Then, I will pay you the price of the course again, just to say sorry for wasting your time.
That’s how confident I am in this knowledge, and that's how important it is to me you buy with confidence.
If you’re ready to experience what it’s like to be invincible to chokes, to be able to roll or even to compete, totally relaxed and confident that you have the skill you need to deny any attempt to choke you… then click the button below to make it so. 
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P.S. There's one more thing I want to mention.
Something very important to understand about this course. 
Here it is: By studying how to escape chokes effectively, you will also multiply your effectiveness, and your efficiency, in your success rate for attacking chokes.
Because in order to escape and defend chokes effectively, you'll need to join me as we deconstruct each attack, piece by piece. 
And once you understand, vividly and clearly, how each piece of each attack works... and how to take it apart...
You can put it back together, in your own game, so much more effectively.
You'll be able to see and feel exactly what's happening, and which adjustments you need to make, as they happen...
To make your chokes work. 
So at the same time your defenses approach world-class skill, you will be reverse engineering a master-class on your attacks as well, by having a better understanding of all the mechanics that make the technique work.  
This easily doubles the value for the course, because your offense AND defense level up at the same time!

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