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Kron Gracie Knows. Rickson Gracie Knows. The Black Belts Who Attend His “Black Belt ONLY Seminars” Know. And THESE Guys & Gals Know

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34 Videos Show You Every Hidden Detail You Need To Know To Dominate The Turtle Position From The Top Or Bottom:

  •  Connecting the head and shoulder for the takedown
  • ​Backing out to deal with the sprawl
  • ​Drill moving in and out on the bottom to setup the takedown
  • ​Dealing with the neck grab Guilloteen grip
  • ​Freeing the arm and attacking the neck.
  • ​Dealing with the chin strap choke
  • ​Takedown and counter from the D'Arce grip
  • Sit back takedown from D'Arce grip
  • ​Shoulder lock from the anaconda grip
  • ​Shoulder lock from the anaconda grip out take
  • ​Takedown from chest grab
  • Sit out to the back from chest grab
  • The D'arce defense.
  • Trapping the arm and sitting back when they grab around the chest and sprawl
  • Swimming to the back with the elbow when they transition to the side
  • ​Arm trap and roll when they transition to the side
  • ​ Arm trap and roll when they transition to the side out take
  • ​Alligator roll when they go to the side.
  • Siting down and taking them over when you cant trap the arm
  • ​Guard recover when they get behind you
  • Learning how to move and destabilize your opponent when they try to get hooks
  • ​Driving them over the ankle when they wrap with the over hook
  • ​Pulling the hips towards the ankle when they wrap the over hook
  • Dropping down for the low single when they base out with the over hook
  • Using the leg to throw them back to crosside using the over hook grip
  • Grabbing the arm and throwing them back to the cross side
  • Inverted bow and arrow
  • Top - Chin strap choke
  • Transitioning to the side
  • Setting up the crucifix and attacking the arm. and the neck
  • The clock choke
  • The Wallid Ismael Clock Choke
  • Pulling the hips down to put the person back on their back
  • Getting the hooks in
  • Turtle position dealing with the whizzer
  • Going front the whizzer to the low single
  • Takedown from the under hook and chin strap

34 Videos Show You Every Hidden Detail You Need To Know To Dominate The Turtle Position From The Top Or Bottom:

You can watch these videos on any device, anytime you want.

You can rewind, pause and rewatch whatever you need, as many times as you need, on your own time, in your own space.

The videos are recorded in HD, and you can ask questions or comment on every video.

I will personally answer any questions you have (as my schedule allows), and you will have lifetime access to future updates, which I post often, to all my courses, in response to your feedback.

Like I said, sharing this incredible knowledge has become my life’s work, and it makes me truly happy to hear stories about how this knowledge changes lives for the better.

I’m not sure if you can imagine a couple months from now, after you’ve taken the time to really practice and hone your skill, how great it will feel to know it’s damn near impossible for anyone to escape your takedowns from turtle.

Or, if you find yourself in the top of the turtle position, how you can easily take the back or submit them right there, and they can't even see it coming.

And when they do, you’ll have such a deep understanding of all this, you’ll know exactly what to do to fix it quick.

I hope to hear your story soon, of how this knowledge has helped you, changed your understanding of Jiu-Jitsu, and made everything effective and easy for you.

Few things make me happier than to know my work is changing lives, keeping people safe, and giving them a sense of power and confidence they didn’t even know was possible.


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Henry Akins

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