Henry Akins’ The Closed Guard Attacks AKA the Playground Training System


Closed Guard is quite possibly the most misunderstood position in all of Jiu Jitsu Here what you need to know Its a Position of dominance a virtual playground filled with razor sharp attacks at every turn!

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  • How To Make Your Closed Guard A Virtual BEAR TRAP…. but without wasting all your energy…
  • How To Make It IMPOSSIBLE For Someone To Break Your Closed Guard And Pass…
  • How To NEVER Be Controlled By Someones Grips & Posture While They’re In YOUR Closed Guard…
  • The ONE Thing You MUST Do To Be Able to FINISH From Your Closed Guard EVERY TIME
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Kron Gracie Knows.
Rickson Gracie Knows.
The Black Belts Who Attend His “Black Belt ONLY Seminars” Know.
And THESE Guys & Gals Know

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All too often I hear about people “gassing” from expending too much energy in closed guard. Or I hear them dread getting to the closed guard position.

Which is WEIRD!!!

  • When you get someone in your closed guard you should feel RELIEF!
  • You should feel like a kid who just got to the candy store or to the playground!
  • The Closed Guard is YOU having a full body BEAR HUG with your legs on your opponent. You have FULL control and you have more attacks available from Closed Guard than Baskin Robbins has ice cream flavors.
  • The truth of the matter is that when you get someone in your closed guard you should feel DOMINANT and completely relaxed, energy efficient and in full on ATTACK mode
  • My Offensive Closed Guard Training System shows you exactly how to make your Closed Guard “the candy store” position. Where you have endless options, you’re energy is conserved and more often than not you’re just FINISHING!
  • Sadly the art of the Closed Guard and setting up the endless number of attacks has been nearly lost.
  • But in my “Offensive Closed Guard Training System” I show you EXACTLY what I learned directly from Rickson and have spent the last 10+ years perfecting.

And as with ALL things Jiu Jitsu…

  • Your opponents mistakes and oversights are YOUR golden opportunities.
  • YOU will be the one with dominant grips.
  • YOU will be the one dictating posture
  • YOU will be the one dictating whether the guard opens or not
  • YOU will be the one dictating where things go and how they go there
  • YOU will be the one finishing from the closed guard position more than EVER before

If you like hearing training partners respond with ….


-How’d you do that?

-Can you show me that?

-Nobody’s EVER done that to me

Then this is the ONLY systematic approach to an energy efficient and DOMINANT closed guard you’ll be finishing from ALL DAY LONG.

Welcome to “the playground”

Maynard James Keenan – Purple Belt

“Perfect Foundational Fundamental Jiu Jitsu”

Dan Hart – Purple Belt

“Henry’s Jiu-Jitsu was life changing”

Rob Wolf – Blue Belt

“Henry’s approach is completely different. Can’t endorse him enough”

Ivan – Black Belt

“I train with Henry to learn the finer details of the moves I already know.”

The Offensive Closed Guard aka The Playground Training System

FINALLY… the governing principles and concepts of the Offensive Closed Guard. What works, what doesn’t, where each adjustment leads… Get ready to have your MindBlown… your opponents will FREAK OUT!
The WHOLE TRUTH about posture, posture control and breaking posture from The Offensive Closed Guard
The ONE simple “trick” that will SHUT DOWN all your opponents grips and attempts to break your Offensive Closed Guard
How to set up and finish the Head & Arm … once you get the timing of this you’ll feel like your training with children it becomes THAT easy to get
Discover the 101 MISSED opportunities to utilize the Kimura from closed guard to either finish or set up another attack 
The Offensive Closed Guard Guilliotine… gives you yet another weapon that only has two potential outcomes… FINISH or effortlessly advance to another attack
I’ll expose for you 2 collar attacks that you’re either doing wrong, wasting energy on or haven’t even seen. These will BOTH become “go to” moves for you in your new Offensive Closed Guard
The Armlock Circus!…. The armlocks in the offensive closed guard are so abundant we could just rename the entire position “The Offensive Armlock Guard”. You’ll never see armlocks from the closed guard the same again!
NEVER get stacked, squashed nor smashed when going for the Triangle from your Offensive Closed Guard Again! 

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  • The Closed Guard Attacks aka “The Playground” System includes TWENTY THREE modules where I share with you the concepts, ideas and functional principles of the Offensive Closed Guard that will have you in COMPLETE CONTROL from the most misunderstood position of them all. The bottom line is… they can’t pass if they’re TERRIFIED of your control and attacks from your closed guard
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“Here’s All You Really Need To Know About Rickson Gracie And His Opinion Of Henry Akins…”

“I studied at Rickson’s under Henry for 3 years, and here’s all you need to know about Rickson’s opinion of Henry, the depth of his understating of Rickson’s game and his ability to TEACH ALL of the most closely guarded secret aspects of Rickson’s Jiu Jitsu… Rickson could have chosen anyone in the Gracie family or anyone in his academy to take on the task of teaching Jiu Jitsu to his youngest son Kron. In my over 15 years in Jiu Jitsu I’ve heard a lot of things directly from Rickson’s own black belts about Rickson’s Academy and what happened behind closed doors. And the fact is this… there was nobody Rickson trusted more to pass HIS Jiu Jitsu on to Kron than Henry Akins”

– Sean Patrick Flanery, Black Belt, Hollywood, California

Some people call what I teach…

fundamentals” Some call it

“Basic” But the truth is “Hidden Jiu Jitsu” is all about…

Getting back to basics where LEVERAGE and SMARTS beats athletic, gifted and chemically enhanced 100% of the time. It’s time for us to TAKE BACK OUR JIU JITSU.

And now that you’re here I’ll be sharing with you my 20 years of experience that’s resulted directly from training full time in Los Angeles, California with the man the late great Grandmaster Helio Gracie used to call “Urso” (the bear)… My Instructor… Rickson Gracie. The man regarded as “the greatest Jiu Jitsu fighter of all time”.

For much of my adult life I’ve had the unique and enviable experience few could ever dream of. I’ve been side by side with Rickson Gracie on the mat training with him, instructing for him, helping him prepare for fights, defending the honor of his academy, teaching one of his sons and training endless hours with the other. I’ve spent more hours inside of more closed door, back room training sessions led and run by Rickson than any human being alive. Its well known that Rockson was Rickson’s oldest son. What’s not as well known is that Rockson was one of my very best friends and NOBODY trained with Rockson more than I did. I have been allowed into an inner sanctum of Rickson Gracie’s that most people only wonder and debate about in mat side chats after practice and debate about his “myth vs legend” status in online forums.

I remember hearing Kyra Gracie recount a story…

“When I was really small, I remember having asked Renzo [Gracie]: ‘Uncle, is Rickson everything they say he is?’ And the answer has stuck in my head since: ‘No. He’s much more.”

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Here are 7 Reasons WHY You Should Believe Me & Trust That What I Call “Hidden Jiu Jitsu” Is NOT The Jiu Jitsu You Nor Your Training Partners (And Possibly Even Your Instructors) Are Familiar With…

  • I’ve taken my training with Master Rickson DEAD SERIOUS from day one. The ONLY reason I left home and my mom and dad in Oklahoma with little more than the clothes on my back 19 years ago was to learn Gracie Jiu Jitsu from THE MAN himself. 19 years later I STILL take the Jiu Jitsu I learned from him DEAD SERIOUS
  • It’s well known that Rickson did NOT give out black belts generously. It is and always has been one of the stingiest belt promoters in all of jiu jitsu. – I got my blue belt in 6 months. Faster than ANYONE under him EVER. – I got my purple belt in 2 years. Absolutley UNHEARD of for one of his students to advance to Purple Belt that quickly. – When he gave me my black belt NOBODY had received their black belt from Rickson FASTER than I did and to my knowledge that hasn’t changed
  • It’s well documented that Rockson was Rickson’s oldest son who tragically died in 2000… Rockson was one of my very best friends. I was his PRIMARY training partner. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him and miss him dearly.
  • Coming up in jiu jitsu as one of Rockson’s best friends and with personal, direct & constant access to Rickson’s inner sanctum I can honestly say I’ve witnessed true “family secrets” that have NEVER been shared, exposed or discussed outside the family. NOW I’m sharing them with YOU
  • I participated in and WON challenge matches even at WHITE belt, in Master RIckson’s academy fighting on his behalf and on the behalf of my teammates.
  • As a blue belt I was already running warm ups and assisting higher ranked instructors at his academy and did so until he moved back to Brazil. I officially taught as a lead instructor for him starting in 2000 as one of his Brown belts
  • I personally witnessed him REGULARLY dismantling visiting world class black belts and world champions. All those stories you hear about this guy, that guy and all the stuff that went down behind closed doors… more often than not I was one of the FEW eyewitnesses

What I’m sharing with you will NOT be second hand. It’s FIRST hand. Saw it with my own eyes. Felt it with my own hands. And I’ve taught it and continue to teach it EVERYDAY for well over a decade.Remember, “Hidden Jiu Jitsu” isn’t THEORY. It’s EXACTLY what Rickson taught to just a FEW of us. My love, appreciation and respect for the Gracie family knows no bounds. And I’ve yet to find someone who can explain to me IF there are no secrets and IF the information is all out there then HOW can you explain how Kron his son is the ONLY black belt under RIckson to make a major splash at the highest levels of jiu jitsu? The short answer is “you can’t.

Rickson’s core concept of DEFENSE was given to him by his father Helio. Helio’s entire game was based around being able to avoid and escape ANY attack, in ANY position, from ANY opponent at ANY time. The ability to stay safe at all times in all positions was priority #1 and NOBODY embodied this principle better than Rickson.

And when you see the details you’ll be #MINDBLOWN! Your training partners will shake their heads in frustration as you become completely UNSTOPPABLE with these “Hidden Jiu Jitsu” Systems & StrategiesLet’s Talk Soon,

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Henry Akins
Rickson Gracie Black Belt

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