How to use Hidden Jiu-Jitsu to make the fastest progress in your game

Hey guys, I've been asked this question a few times and so I wanted to write down an answer I hope will be a huge benefit to you in your training.


The question I get asked a lot is...


"You have a lot of courses online so which one should I purchase... and do I need to purchase in any specific order?"


When I originally started Hidden Jiu-Jitsu and was trying to decide how to organize the lessons to give students the greatest advantage in being able to develop quickly, I decided to organize the courses by position.


There are a few reason I decided to go this route.


First, it allows you to customize your learning.


Because different people have different strengths and weaknesses, and everyone develops their Jiu-Jitsu a little differently.


Thus, organizing the courses by position allows you to pick and choose what aspect or area of your game you want to learn and improve upon.


Most of us, after a few months in, will naturally feel...

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3 things every grappler and Jiu-Jitsu fighter needs to know about the most powerful and least understood position in all of Grappling... The Soul Stealer!


And why the Soul Stealer is even more dangerous now than leg locks were before John Danaher unleashed the “Danaher Death Squad” on the unsuspecting competition scene!


***Scroll to the bottom of this post to see how you can get ALL of the insider details to this position, and quickly begin dominating your competition!!! (NOBODY is ready for this!!!)**


Text version below: 

"Today I want to talk to you about one of the most misunderstood positions in grappling and Jiu-Jitsu.

And that position is the scarf hold position, also known as Kesa Gatame in Judo, or the “Soul Stealer” in my inner circles.

So what's crazy about this position is it's used in every other grappling art.

It's used in Sambo.

It's used in Judo.

It's used in catch wrestling.

It's used in wrestling...

But for some reason, it's not really ever used much in Jiu Jitsu, unless you're talking about some of the more common self-defense situations.

And so there's a reason for this.


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