Rickson Gracie Movement Based Training

choke conor mcgregor ido portal jiu-jitsu movement based training rickson gracie Aug 06, 2020

Movement based training seems to be all the rage now and its really nice to have such amazing athletes and martial artists like Conor McGregor and his coach Ido Portal bringing attention to it, but as you can see this type of light training to develop fluidity flexibility and strength in the body has been around for a while.

The beautiful thing about Jiu-Jitsu is there IS so much MOVEMENT in the expression and training of it.  Its a complete whole body workout as you all know.

There are not many other sports or arts that have movement from the feet: pushing, pulling, footwork, twisting, turning, bending, jumping, grabbing flipping, sitting

From your back: constant pushing and pulling with arms and legs, twisting, turning, standing sliding different parts of the body, rolling

From your butt: scooting, standing, rolling, pushing, pulling

From a crawling position: grabbing, jumping up, twisting, turning, pushing, pulling

From a kneeling position: sitting in balance while resisting pressure from different angles, switching weight to different sides, leaning forward, leaning back, pushing, pulling, turning, standing

The list is really endless. This is because in Jiu-Jitsu we train with the philosophy the fight starts from the feet and goes to the ground. We prepare ourselves to deal with every single type of human body movement to deal with it.

In my belief training Jiu-Jitsu is the best movement based training in the world but again i'm also very partial :)

But If you don't have a partner to train you can still get a great workout and develop your Jiu-Jitsu by just doing different movements in sequence, kind of like shadow boxing for boxers.

This is an awesome video from the movie CHOKE of Rickson Gracie working out at the beach just doing different movements while combining breath work.  Very fun and low impact training!


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