Hidden Jiu Jitsu Breakdown: Kron Gracie Vs. JT Torres & New Mount Drills

adcc breakdown jiu jitsu jt torres kron gracie rickson gracie Aug 06, 2020

I promised I was going to be adding more Hidden Jiu Jitsu content to all the courses so here it is the first FREE updates!

I've added 3 NEW videos to the mount maintenance and escape course and another FREE video to the closed guard course.

If you haven't already joined get in there!

>> Mount Domination CLICK HERE

>> Closed Guard Playground CLICK HERE

I always tell people the umpa is the most powerful tool for escaping the mount but most people don't know how or when to use it. In one of the videos I show you how to use the umpa when your opponent has their arms spread out wide and are sprawling or hipping into you. The traditional way of trapping the arm doesn't work so check out what I do to secure the arm and take away my opponents post. Watch Now Click Here

Drills are something really important I'm going to be adding to all the courses.

Once you learn how to properly do a technique then you need to develop the sensitivity and timing of when to use it. This is why Rickson was able to crush the most elite of the elite with just the basics, his set-ups sensitivity and timing for each movement were flawless. The sensitivity only comes with mat time and drilling.

I've added 2 drills to the mount maintenance and escapes course, one is how to perfect your umpa. The angle and constant lifting of the hips is the key, if you can do it even when your opponent tries to post with the free hand you got it. Watch Now Click Here

The second video I show a sensitivity drill you can do with your eyes closed that will help you develop the timing of how and when to transition to the side mount position. Watch Now Click Here

The video I added to the closed guard attacks course is the Armlock Kron Gracie caught JT Torres with in Abu Dhabi. It's a very fast armlock and extremely tight, but if you don't know the proper grip, their arm is going to slip out when they stand up. Watch Now Click Here

I hope you guys enjoy the new FREE content I shot for you guys, I have a lot more I plan on sharing with you in the coming months, trust me, this is just the beginning. Thank you for being a part of the Hidden Jiu-Jitsu community!


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