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The 5 Keys to Unlocking Any Armlock


These 38 brand new videos reveal the hidden details that not 1 in 1000 black belts are even aware of.

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“If you take the time to master these escapes, and understand why they work, it won’t be long before you can’t remember the last time anyone caught you in an armlock. 


You’ll be out of there before anyone knows what happened, like Houdini, and it will feel easy, because you'll be using leverage instead of strength.”

From the desk of: Henry Akins
Hidden Jiu Jitsu
7:41 PM PST
I’ve been filming this awhile now, and I’m proud to announce my “Ultimate Armlocks Escapes Course”. 
Here’s why
For the last couple years, I’ve been getting stories from guys all over the world, who’ve trained 10, 15, even 20 years, about how the Hidden Jiu-Jitsu knowledge I share has completely changed their understanding of jiu-jitsu.
All of a sudden, their jiu-jitsu is much more effective, much more efficient, and it feels easy
I want that for you too. 
And now I’d like to share with you 5 key concepts which, if you take the time to understand and apply (this course is designed to make it easy for you), you will have all the knowledge you need to escape any armlock with leverage instead of strength
I tell all my students, especially white belts looking to earn their blue belts, the most important thing you can do in your training is to always... always... relax, and learn to be effective with your technique, NOT strength
What happens is, students will make up for the 20-30% of the technique they don’t understand, or don’t know all the details for, with strength. 
Which is such an awful trade, because all you get is a cheap, one-time tap here or there, meanwhile, you’re building terrible habits you’ll have to change down the road.
When you “muscle it” to get the effect, you create holes in your jiu-jitsu. This is not only a challenge to learning proper technique, because you have to go back and fix your muscle memory later, but also… it’s dangerous. 
If you have to fight a bigger, stronger opponent, having sloppy technique and muscling it will do 2 dangerous things. 
The first is, you’ll wear out quicker. Since you never really know when a fight will be over until it’s over, your highest priority after staying safe is to conserve energy. If you’re too tired to fight, you’re in big trouble. And sloppy technique is a fast way to exhaust yourself.
The other thing is, if you’re fighting someone bigger and stronger, you need to know your techniques are 100% effective. Any weak spot, any sloppiness, can get you seriously maimed, or worse, if your techniques don’t work against someone bigger and stronger than you. 
Basically, if you can’t make your techniques work in a way that feels easy, you’re doing something wrong. 
That said, here are the 5 key concepts you need to understand and master, to escape any armlock:

Key #1: Every attack in jiu-jitsu, including an armlock, is more complex than the defense. 

The thing is, any time someone goes to attack you, there are multiple elements they need to finish the attack. 


There’s closing the distance. 


The set-up. 


Creating a connection. 


Getting into position to isolate the joint, or close the arteries, in the case of a choke. 


In short, there are many links in the chain of a successful, or “complete” attack, from start to finish. 

Key #2: Because every attack requires multiple steps to finish, if you can kill any one of the steps, or “links in the chain”, you can kill the whole attack. You can break the chain. 

Thus, the defense or escape is ALWAYS easier than the attack. 


That’s why so many great jiu-jitsu teachers talk about defenses and escapes being the foundation of jiu-jitsu. 


Staying safe is not only more important than being able to attack, but it’s much more simple and easy.

Key #3: There are ways to kill the attack, at every step, that make things really easy for you, and really difficult for your opponent.

When it comes to arm locks, there’s always a set-up, and some movement(s) to isolate the joints, either the shoulder or the elbow. 


I can show you how to take away the elements your opponents need to do this, at every step in the chain, so they pay a heavy price to get anywhere, and they will be constantly frustrated, until they feel like giving up. 

Key #4: If you constantly frustrate your opponent, taking away what they need to finish, every time they go to attack, not only will they be wasting physical energy, but psychologically, more and more they will feel like just giving up. 

Most people can’t handle failure. Especially repeated failure. Especially when they don’t understand how the hell you’re doing what you’re doing, and they’re confused. 


Do you know how easy it is to turn the tables on someone when they are exhausted, frustrated so bad they feel desperate, and confused about what’s happening? Too easy. You won’t believe it ‘till you feel it.

Key #5: There are also ways to defend and escape that force your opponents down very narrow decision tunnels, so they’re trapped in a “heads you win, tails they lose” scenario. 

By cutting off the different options they have, you can force them to take one you’re already prepared for. 


I’ll show you all the details in the course. 

That's all you really need to know to escape any armlock, so long as you can apply the knowledge. 

Those are the 5 basic “truths” you need to understand, before you can master the escapes in this course.
But, after being on tour for some time now, I can confidently say not 1 in 1000 black belts seem to know how to apply these concepts to their game, even if they've heard them before. 
Most of these concepts seem like common sense, on the surface. Some people even talk about them and “pay lip service”. But very few people know how to apply them effectively and efficiently. Fewer still know the hidden details that make it feel easy and effortless.
If you’d like me to walk you through how to apply each of these to the following armlocks, in a way that makes escaping and defending so easy your mind will be blown, then click the link below to discover the hidden details right now.
Here’s what’s covered in the course :

38 Videos Show You Every Hidden Detail To Apply These 5 Keys, And Make Your Armlock Escapes Nearly Effortless: 

  • Americana from the mount preliminary defense 
  • Americana from the mount secondary defense
  • Americana from the mount (leg hook) bridge escape
  • Americana from mount hip switch, escape to the back
  • Americana from cross side escape
  • Americana from bottom half guard escape
  • Kimura from cross side flat, weight defense
  • Kimura from cross side, blocking the leg and sitting up
  • Kimura defense by grabbing the leg
  • Kimura grip from cross side escape
  • Kimura from north south escape
  • Kimura from north south escape, arm bar transition
  • Kimura from north south with the arm trapped, defense and escape
  • Kimura from bottom half guard preliminary defense
  • Kimura from bottom half guard leg grab escape
  • Kimura from closed guard hip defense
  • Kimura from closed guard defense and back take
  • Kimura from closed guard late defense
  • Straight armbar from cross side escape
  • Arm lock from closed guard preliminary defense - posture
  • Arm lock from closed guard, stacking defense
  • Arm lock from guard with both legs over the head
  • Arm lock from bottom with knee in between, pushing the knee to clear
  • Belly down armlock escape
  • Hitchhiker escape from armlock
  • Armlock from mount Kimura grip
  • Armlock from mount blocking the leg from coming in front of the face
  • Arm lock escape by pulling elbow to the ground
  • Arm lock escape from S-mount
  • Arm lock escape from guard shoulder swallow
  • Arm lock escape by clearing the head
  • Arm lock escape by passing ankle between the legs
  • Arm lock escape by bridging over
  • Arm lock escape by sitting up and stacking
  • Arm lock escape with both legs over the head
  • Arm lock escape with both legs over the head, creating the wedge
  • Arm lock escape with both legs over the body
  • Ompalata escape

This course is designed to be as simple, easy and convenient as possible.

You can watch these videos on any device, anytime you want. 
You can rewind, pause and rewatch whatever you need, as many times as you need, on your own time, in your own space. 
The videos are recorded in HD, and you can ask questions or comment on every video. 
I will personally answer any questions you have (as my schedule allows), and you will have lifetime access to future updates, which I post often, to all my courses, in response to your feedback. 
Like I said, sharing this incredible knowledge has become my life’s work, and it makes me truly happy to hear stories about how this knowledge changes lives for the better. 
I’m not sure if you can imagine a couple months from now, after you’ve taken the time to really practice and hone your skill, how great it will feel to know it’s damn near impossible for anyone to catch you in any sort of armlock. 
And when they do, you’ll have such a deep understanding of all this, you’ll know exactly what to do to fix it quick. 
I hope to hear your story soon, of how this knowledge has helped you, changed your understanding of jiu-jitsu, and made everything effective and easy for you. Few things make me happier than to know my work is changing lives, keeping people safe, and giving them a sense of power and confidence they didn’t even know was possible. 
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