Henry Akins Hidden Jiu Jitsu Guard Passing Mastery

“If you’d like to know how to pass any guard, anytime, without memorizing a single guard passing ‘technique’, then here’s how Henry Akins uses one simple concept to quickly dismantle any style of open guard put in his way, almost effortlessly, and why he thinks you can too.”


"The practice of this method of guard passing really allows students to experience the beauty and effectiveness of Jiu-Jitsu when it's done right. Incredible pressure while staying completely relaxed and allowing the mind and body to connect and feel where the weaknesses or holes in your opponents guard is and slip into the spaces." - Henry Akins

Bruce Lee said "Be like water". That's what practicing this guard passing style helps you to do, and the results are nothing short of incredible. Everyone deserves a chance to learn this - Henry”- Henry Akins

And now, lifetime access to the whole seminar, recorded in 720 HD, can be yours in a matter of minutes.

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Here are the details to Henry's guard passing seminar that has been Blowing EVERYONE'S Mind!

You really only need to understand one basic concept to pass any guard, any time.

Why 1 concept?

Why not try to memorize techniques?

Because there are literally thousands of different variations of guards.

If you were to try to memorize all the possible techniques for passing, you’d spend the rest of your jiu-jitsu career, maybe the rest of your life, trying to catch up.

It’s simply not possible.

And even if it were, it wouldn’t be worth your time.

Here’s a better way: learn one simple concept, and how to apply it, and dismantle any open guard put in your way.

I know that might sound hard to believe, but it's true.

I’ll even show you screenshots of what Henry’s students are saying in his private coaching club online to prove it.

There’s a reason why 844 BJJ Black Belts from ALL Around the World are Hidden Jiu-Jitsu subscribers.

And in these three seminars, Henry will show you how his unique style of passing works, which has been nicknamed “Avalanche” passing by his students.

And Henry will show you specific examples of how he applies this knowledge to the following common open guard techniques, to make sure you get it:

Spider guard


De La Riva guard

Lasso guard

Knee shield guard

Butterfly guard

And even more is covered in the over 130 minutes of Question and Answer videos.

NOTHING is left out.

Also, there’s a simple drill you can do from the mount that makes this all suddenly make sense.

The interesting part is: this drill doesn’t use your arms at all.

This drill lets you get a perfect feel of this whole strategy, and begin to ‘feel’ how to pass people’s guard as you drill. When you go live and add in your arms, you will literately fall in to people's side control.

By the time you’re done watching these videos, you will understand more about how to effectively pass the guard than anyone you know, or have learned from.

We know because Henry has been on a massive seminar tour the past couple years and one of the things he’s been most shocked by is how this information simply isn’t being taught anywhere else!

Henry has taken his 25 years of practice and experience and distilled guard passing down to one simple to understand concept based on physics and body mechanics and teaches you how to apply it in these seminars.

And he has changed the game.

Now, it's your turn.

Imagine what it will be like, after you’ve taken the time to practice this mind-blowing knowledge, and you can easily, nearly effortlessly, pass any open guard put in front of you.

In fact, it will be as easy as relaxing your body and falling on your opponent, because that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.

There’s a little more strategy to it than that, but… honestly, not much.

Just a few key things to understand, and a few drills you’ll need to practice to be able to apply the concepts when you’re actually fighting. (Without understanding and practicing these drills, you'll probably just get swept and think it doesn't work.)

Don't be surprised, if you really put the time into developing this guard passing style, you will quickly build a reputation as a guard smasher.

People are doing things they didn't think were possible, and everyone at their gym is noticing. We get stories like that from people writing in every day .

"Rickson always told me the transition from the bottom to the top is the most critical time of a fight. Being on top offers such a clear advantage especially when fighting a larger opponent. And, in the street it can be Life or Death. " - Henry Akins

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If you’re ready to see what that feels like for yourself, go ahead and click the button below to join the Guard Passing Mastery System.

People who attended my Guard Passing seminars spent up to $400.00 just on attending, not to mention travel expenses and time.

This course has OVER 8 Hours of Footage! Including over 2 Hours of Q&A making sure Everyone Understood Everything.

As Always No Question Is Every Left Unanswered At Any Of My Seminars!

Guard Assault Package - $97 X2 Payments Charged once today and once in 30 Days From Now. Total Cost $194 Lifetime Access to Content After Second Payment Is Secured
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Guard Passing Mastery Part 1: Connecticut

1) Intro Concept of Guard Passing & Introducing Weight Distribution
2) More Concepts of Guard Passing, Shifting Angles and Soaking Up Space Against Knee Shield
3) Going Around the Knee Shield
4) Going Around the Knee Shield, Using the Head to Control the Shoulder When Passing to the Back
5) Passing Through the Legs to Prevent Guard Recovery
6) Dealing with the Z-Guard
7) Passing the Leg Lasso Guard
8) Passing the De La Riva

BONUS - 1 Hour & 35 Mins of Q & A

Guard Passing Mastery Part 2: Louisville Kentucky

1) Understanding the concept of weight distribution and the angles need to pass guard
2) Being efficient using gravity to help us get closer when passing
3) Collapsing the Knee Shield and passing to the front
4) Collapsing the knee Shield and passing to the back
5) Preventing guard recovery after collapsing the Knee Shield
6) Preventing Knee Shield from Half Guard or Z Guard
7) Passing the Spider Guard
8) The Importance of going slow when learning
9) Passing the Leg Lasso Guard
10) Using connection and disconnection to take away control from your opponent
11) Passing De la Riva Guard
12) Drills

BONUS - 43 Mins of Q & A

Guard Passing Mastery Part 3: Niagara

1) Intro to Guard Passing Specifics
2) Using Weight Distribution and Angles to Collapse Frames
3) Collapsing the Frame when They use the Forearm Against your Neck
4) Applying Weight Distribution Collapsing the Knee Shield & Soaking Up Space
5) Preventing the Guard Recovery after Collapsing the Knee Shield
6) Two Options to Pass the Half Guard with the Knee Shield
7) Switching the Body to go Around the Half Guard Knee Shield
8) Dealing with the Opponent Pushing under the Armpit or Redirecting the Arm
9) Learning to Relax & Change the Angle to Counter the Hook Sweep
10) Using the Sumo Squat to deal with a Sitting Opponent
11) Dealing with the Sitting Opponent When they get Low to the Ground

BONUS - Q & A - Henry is going to film a brand new live Q&A with the first 50 people who sign up first! Get your questions answered personally about how to SMASH PASS Like An AVALANCHE !!!

Guard Assault Package - $97 X2 Payments Charged once today and once in 30 Days From Now. Total Cost $194 Lifetime Access to Content After Second Payment Is Secured
Guard Murder Package - $187 Charged only once today. You Save Money BONUS: Access To Live Q&A Lifetime Access Granted Immediately!

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