Henry Akins Hidden Jiu Jitsu Guard Passing Mastery

“You only need two things to pass any guard.


Let me show you:


Memorizing guard passing techniques is a waste of time.


Because there are too many.


Instead, you should practice just two things to pass any guard, any time.


1. Weight distribution.

2. Shifting angles to collapse your opponent's posts.


That's it.


I know that seems too simple, and maybe hard to believe.


Because if it's that simple, why doesn't anyone teach this?


Well, the scary truth is: most people don't know this.


That's why I recorded these 4 guard-passing seminars, where I show you everything.


I'm calling this "Guard Passing Mastery" and if you scroll down, I'll show you how to get all 4 of them for a fraction of what everyone else had to pay.


Plus, I'll show you the hidden details you'll probably never find on your own.


I don't mean to sound rude.


I don't doubt how smart you are.

It's just that I've been doing this for 26 years now and I've never seen anyone figure this out without learning how to think about Jiu-Jitsu the way Rickson taught us to think.


And right now, nobody else online is teaching this.


This is your chance to learn to think about guard passing like Rickson does, from someone Rickson trusted to be the head instructor at his school.


So just how powerful is this way of guard passing?


Actually, there's a pretty interesting story about that (if you got the email with this story already, just scroll down to see what's in the seminars).


It was in the mid to late late 90’s (97 or 98 maybe) at the Pico academy when Fabio Gurgel came to town with several black belts from Brazil.


One of the black belts that came with him was Roberto “Spider” Traven.


I believe Roberto was a world champion black belt at the time or won the world’s shortly after this visit.


I remember seeing Rickson train with all the black belts, and doing what he normally does to them all, which is submit them multiple times within a 5-6 minute roll, but with Roberto he could not even pass his guard.


You see this was the first time any of us had been exposed to the Spider guard, named after Roberto.


Gripping the sleeves and using his feet in the biceps to create space and hold Rickson off, even though he was not able to sweep Rickson, I could see Rickson was very frustrated trying to pass his guard and eventually time ran out.


The next day they all showed up at the academy to train again and Rickson went with Roberto first.


Those of us that saw what happened the previous day knew Rickson was frustrated and wanted another go.


This time he passed his guard multiple times and submitted him with ease…. I was BLOWN AWAY!


We had all expected it to be another tough and frustrating roll for Rickson.


How could things of changed so much in just one day?


I asked one of the other instructors in disbelief what he think happened, whether Rickson was taking it easy the first day or not.


He said “Rickson was pissed when he left yesterday, so I know he was thinking about it non-stop all night”.


Because of his deep level of understanding of the concepts and ideas of Jiu-Jitsu he went home and thought about what was going on and the problems this new guard was giving him THEN figured out how to deal with it and crush it.


It was something none of us had seen or experienced before and in one day, because of his passion, determination, and mindset Rickson was able to come up with a solution.


This was just one of the many times I saw Rickson see something or learn something and within a day be able to do it better or completely kill it.


When people ask me what makes Rickson so special I always tell them it’s his mind. His deep level of understanding of Jiu-Jitsu and his ability to solve whatever problem he faces with technique and not speed or strength.


This is why when I teach I try to pass along these concepts of Jiu-Jitsu I learned from Rickson. You see none of us including Rickson know all the Jiu-Jitsu out there.


But by understanding the concepts you can solve any new problem that comes your way and sometimes make techniques better, which is something Rickson’s Jiu-Jitsu is known for. Rickson didn’t just teach me techniques, he taught me how to think about Jiu-Jitsu which is the greatest gift he gave me.


And with these 4 seminars, I'd like to share that gift with you too.


Here's what you'll find inside:

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People who attended my Guard Passing seminars spent up to $400.00 just on attending, not to mention travel expenses and time.

This course has OVER 8 Hours of Footage! Including over 2 Hours of Q&A making sure Everyone Understood Everything.

As Always No Question Is Every Left Unanswered At Any Of My Seminars!

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Guard Passing Mastery Part 1: Connecticut

1) Intro Concept of Guard Passing & Introducing Weight Distribution
2) More Concepts of Guard Passing, Shifting Angles and Soaking Up Space Against Knee Shield
3) Going Around the Knee Shield
4) Going Around the Knee Shield, Using the Head to Control the Shoulder When Passing to the Back
5) Passing Through the Legs to Prevent Guard Recovery
6) Dealing with the Z-Guard
7) Passing the Leg Lasso Guard
8) Passing the De La Riva

BONUS - 1 Hour & 35 Mins of Q & A

Guard Passing Mastery Part 2: Louisville Kentucky

1) Understanding the concept of weight distribution and the angles need to pass guard
2) Being efficient using gravity to help us get closer when passing
3) Collapsing the Knee Shield and passing to the front
4) Collapsing the knee Shield and passing to the back
5) Preventing guard recovery after collapsing the Knee Shield
6) Preventing Knee Shield from Half Guard or Z Guard
7) Passing the Spider Guard
8) The Importance of going slow when learning
9) Passing the Leg Lasso Guard
10) Using connection and disconnection to take away control from your opponent
11) Passing De la Riva Guard
12) Drills

BONUS - 43 Mins of Q & A

Guard Passing Mastery Part 3: Niagara

1) Intro to Guard Passing Specifics
2) Using Weight Distribution and Angles to Collapse Frames
3) Collapsing the Frame when They use the Forearm Against your Neck
4) Applying Weight Distribution Collapsing the Knee Shield & Soaking Up Space
5) Preventing the Guard Recovery after Collapsing the Knee Shield
6) Two Options to Pass the Half Guard with the Knee Shield
7) Switching the Body to go Around the Half Guard Knee Shield
8) Dealing with the Opponent Pushing under the Armpit or Redirecting the Arm
9) Learning to Relax & Change the Angle to Counter the Hook Sweep
10) Using the Sumo Squat to deal with a Sitting Opponent
11) Dealing with the Sitting Opponent When they get Low to the Ground

BONUS - Q & A - Henry is going to film a brand new live Q&A with the first 50 people who sign up first! Get your questions answered personally about how to SMASH PASS Like An AVALANCHE !!!

Guard Assault Package - $97 X2 Payments Charged once today and once in 30 Days From Now. Total Cost $194 Lifetime Access to Content After Second Payment Is Secured
Guard Murder Package - $187 Charged only once today. You Save Money BONUS: Access To Live Q&A Lifetime Access Granted Immediately!

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